Special feeding of queen bees

In the spring-summer period, supplementary fertilizers are used to replace natural maintenance honey, or to cause increased activity of bees, or to give bees medicinal substances. Addition of bees during the withdrawal of queens. It

Beef feeding for the winter

When replenishing fodder reserves for the winter, and when replacing a portion of honey with sugar, time and quantity of sugar fed, the concentration of syrup and the addition of substances that improve the hibernation

Replenishment of fodder stocks and top-dressing of bees

Since in the early spring for bees the food and heat in the nest are the most important, then all families that have little or no honey should be given enough feed to have 6-7

Feeding base of beekeeping and measures to expand and improve it

For successful development and high productivity of beekeeping, as well as any branch of animal husbandry, a powerful and stable fodder base is necessary. The feeding base of beekeeping is honey plants of field crop

Preventing the crystallization of honey in honeycombs

The pumped honey crystallizes within 2-3 months. Separate honey (for example, with labial and legume plants) persists for a long time in the liquid state. Honey in honeycomb, sealed with wax lids, usually for a

Perga extraction from honeycombs

Perga and pollen of flowers have recently become more popular in apitherapy. Of these products, many drugs are manufactured that are used to treat many diseases. Flower pollen can be produced in two ways. The

Allocation of nectar flowers of honey plants

Nectar is a sweet liquid with an admixture of organic and mineral substances emitted by flowers and other glandular cells of plants. Allocate nectar to about a thousand species of plants, which are united under

Forcing sugar feeding

Bees can live for a long time, eating pure sugar syrup, but they can not grow brood, allocate wax, intensively collect nectar and perform many other works, because sugar is a purely carbohydrate food and

Digestion of pollen by bees

Bees feed on pollen unevenly throughout life. In the early days. after leaving the cell, the bee eats a lot, which causes the midgut to increase greatly: the intestine volume from 6.7 mm3 increases to

How to feed bees

The beekeeper has to prepare a sugar syrup of two concentrations: thick (for top dressing with a shortage of honey) and liquid (for stimulating fertilizing). To prepare a thick syrup (for 1 liter of water