Perga extraction from honeycombs

Perga extraction from honeycombs

Perga and pollen of flowers have recently become more popular in apitherapy. Of these products, many drugs are manufactured that are used to treat many diseases.

Flower pollen can be produced in two ways. The first is a pollen trap. The second – in the form of perga. The first method requires more time in that period, which is already the most stressful for beekeepers. In addition, its operational drying, which is necessary to prevent souring, also requires serious labor.

The billets are produced directly in honeycombs or in pure form after it has been separated from the part that contains the wax. In addition, the first method of extracting pollen has certain drawbacks, such as strict regimes for storing the product and protecting it from wax moths.

There are several most convenient technologies for extracting perga from honeycombs.

For example, soften the honeycombs in water and shake out the pearl granules, drain the water and dry it.

Another way is to extract land pellets from the land by vacuum.

The third technology consists in drying, cooling, grinding and screening of wax particles. The technology of freezing, grinding and screening of wax particles after this is often applied.

However, all these technologies have their drawbacks. When soaking in water, many nutrients are lost. For the vacuum extraction technology, special equipment is required, and the productivity is still low. The third technology takes a long time and requires considerable effort. And when freezing perga, many useful substances are lost. Consequently, these technologies can not be used in industrial production of perga, but are allowed only for personal use.

The most promising at the moment is the technology, which is developed by the Research Institute of Apiculture. It consists in harvesting pearl honeycombs, scarification, drying, cooling, grinding and separation of raw materials into pearl granules and wax.

During the preparation of pearl granules, it is very important that they are completely drained of honey by bees. This helps prevent the sticking of raw materials to the shredders and the amount of wax impurities in the resulting perg. The honeycomb in which foci of mold was found should be removed.

It is very important not to allow the wax base honeycomb, as well as the waxy shell from the pearl granules. Thus, more nutrients and vitamins remain in storage.

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Perga extraction from honeycombs