Cream for dry skin with wax

So, hypocrisy in matters of cosmetics is completely superfluous; Apply decorative cosmetic means in many cases is advisable, but it must be done cleverly. Someone has a completely false idea of ​​the so-called cosmetic means.

Cosmetics Cleopatra

In the life of the whole organism, water, salt, protein, hydrogen and fat metabolism are of great importance. Skin plays a significant role in all types of exchange. After all, and this is of particular

Honey in cosmetics

Honey with its unique biological activity has become an indispensable component of many cosmetic preparations manufactured by industry. It is used more and more in the production of cosmetic creams, masks, lipstick, shampoos, toilet soap,

How to get rid of hairiness on the face

Recipe 1 Cream with excessive hairiness on the face. Without the least risk to health use the Arab method of bleaching hair: in a spoon of heated honey add the juice of half a lemon

Mask from wrinkles

20 g grated in a stupa of pollen, 50 g of olive oil, 50 g of chopped clay – kaolin, 50 g of bee honey, knead to a mushy state, allow to stand for one

Zheltkovo-tolokonno-honey mask

Honey is a wonderful cosmetic because it has the ability to quickly penetrate the skin, nourishes the muscle layer with glucose, has antibacterial and other important cosmetic properties. MA Rosentul in the monograph “General Therapy

Recipes of honey masks for the face with normal skin

Recipe 1 Mask for all skin types. Fresh grass dandelion, arnica, chamomile, mint, nettle, sage, plantain crush into mortars, add a little boiled water and honey, and for dry, aging skin – grape juice. Recipe

Strongly drop out hair

Recipe 1 To improve hair growth. Grate the onion, add honey (4 parts of onion mush, 1 part honey). If the hair is very dry, add a little olive oil to the mixture of onion

Treatment of acne

Recipe 1 Pour a glass of boiling water 3 tablespoons of chopped cucumbers and insist 2-3 hours Strain, ottisnut and add a tablespoon of honey. After washing, moisten the face with this remedy with a

Honey home lotions

So, the natural desire of each person to be attractive can be realized when it is clever to use the opportunities that cosmetology gives. “In our beautiful life everything should be beautiful,” – this is