Habitat for swarms

Habitat for swarms

For 46 days, systematic observations were made of the development of beehives, decks, etc. by swarm bees. An interesting phenomenon was noted. In three decks occupied by the wasps, and in the deck where the hornet family lived, swarms of bees settled.

This was also observed where there was a weak bee family, which occupied three Sotics. A strong swarm took up housing. In this case, dead bees at the bottom of the deck and under the tree were not found. Initially, the increased malice of the bees subsequently decreased.

A similar phenomenon was observed in the flanks. The bee family that overwintered her in the second half of June began to swarm, because of this, she was greatly weakened. Upon examination, after seven days, a sharp increase in the number of bees was observed, which densely covered the lower part of the honeycombs. Previously living in this side of the family could be inspected without smoke and facial mesh. In a week it was impossible not only to open long, but also to climb a tree without a facial mesh and smoke. It is impossible to explain the observed changes by the fact that the family itself has evolved this way in a week. Consequently, a swarm settled in the side where the bees were.

As in the first case, there were no dead bees at the bottom of the bead and under a tree, which means that the unification was peaceful. Thus, in the course of evolutionary development, bees have developed a tough competition for possessing a home of good quality.

Penetrate into the nest is possible only where the bee family is unsuccessful. Bees-scouts are exploring such a shelter and instill a swarm. Its inhabitants do not oppose this, but, on the contrary, contribute. Beekeepers repeatedly observed in the apiary flying a swarm of swarms into the bee family of the same apiary, often to a weaker one. It happens very quickly, there is no struggle between the swarms of the swarm and the inhabitants of the hive.

A completely different phenomenon is observed when the swarm occupies the dwelling of wasps or hornets. Interestingly, hornet is the enemy of bees, and alone the bee is defenseless before him. When the swarm appears, the situation changes dramatically and the hornet is forced to leave the dwelling. Such a struggle for housing is explained by the fact that the demands placed on it for hornets and bees are the same, therefore, the living of hornets in the hollow is already a signal for swarm that it is a comfortable place to live.

In Belorussia among beekeepers it was believed that if a family of hornets lives in a deck or in the side, this is a sure sign that a swarm will fly there, so beekeepers did not ruin the nests of these enemies of bees.

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Habitat for swarms