Formation of layers

Formation of layers

For the formation of the layers and the withdrawal of the queens, I made five nucleus hives. Each of them is divided by three diaphragms into four compartments with three frames each. Here you can keep from ten layers on six frames and up to twenty – on three. In the diaphragms, drilled thirty holes 4 mm in diameter, so that all the layers have the same smell.

In May, I strengthen two families with the printed brood, insulate the nests, shorten the tapholes, that is, I artificially create a swarm condition. When there are two or four days left before the exit of the queens, the families are divided into five parts. In the middle section of the nucleus hive I place three frames with bees, brood and queen cells, and I place cushions along the edges. For the layers I take frames only with the printed brood, so that the bees can not pull the queen cells and better accept the queens. So in two nucleus hives I place two layers or in one – four layers.

A swarming family, in which there are many bees with an old uterus on the walls, I substitute approximately two frames with a dry land, two with a wax. In the middle of the nest I place a frame with brood, bees, and along the edges – stern frames, platen boards and insulating cushions. Flight bees from the layers are returned to the old place.

To the main bribe I reinforce it with two frames of printed brood. Artificial swarming is more common in families with old uterus and during the selection of bees for layers I cut the uterus of the wing and leave the frame with the mother liquor, that is, I thus change the old uterus to a young one. After about twelve to fifteen days, all young uterus begin to lay eggs. If in the layer one of them for some reason disappears, then I attach this bar to another.

When the queens are taken out to the extreme free compartments, instead of pillows I place one or two frames with a printed brood and bees and a stern frame. On the inside of the frame with the brood and bees I glue two or three mother liquors, and if there is a young uterus, I place it in the cell.

With the help of this method, I annually increase the apiary by 20-30%.

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Formation of layers