What is the therapeutic dose of honey?

What is the therapeutic dose of honey?

Although honey does not belong to the group of strong medicinal substances, nevertheless, when treating them, the dose and time of admission are of great importance. Honey is a medicine that adults and children enjoy happily. For medicinal purposes, honey is best taken in a dissolved form, since it greatly facilitates the penetration of its multiple constituents into the bloodstream, and then into the cells and tissues of the body.

Observations showed that for an adult, the daily dose of honey is 100 g, the therapeutic dose is maximally 200 g. This amount should be distributed as follows: in the morning 30-60 g, in the daytime 40-80 g, in the evening 30-60 g. Take honey with medicinal the goal should be within two months. Children should be given a teaspoonful, but not more than 30 grams per day.

When applying a 200-gram dose per day (with a therapeutic purpose), it is desirable to exclude all sweets (including

sugar, sweets, jam, jam) from the diet. An increase in the daily dose above this level may lead to a supersaturation of the body with carbohydrates, which can not but affect the proper functioning of the insulin apparatus of the pancreas regulating carbohydrate metabolism in the body.

With the appointment of honey for medical purposes, an individual approach to each patient is necessary, the patient’s condition, dosage should be taken into account, the appropriate variety should be selected, for example, for anemic-buckwheat, for pulmonary patients and for diseases of the upper respiratory tract – lime, etc.

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What is the therapeutic dose of honey?