Cooking Candy

Cooking Candy

Candi is prepared from centrifugal honey of the first grade or from invert sugar or powder. To prepare candy you need to take only table centrifugal honey of very good quality, in which there is no disease of foulbrood.

It is better that it is honey from the area in which no diseases of the bees were found. If candy is made from powdered sugar or sugar, then such raw materials should not contain starch. The fact is that it does not have a detrimental effect on the queens, but if you cook candy with starch, then the queens can be sent for short distances.

Prepared raw materials from honey or invert sugar should be heated to 60 degrees, so that it melted, and then allow it to cool to 38. Next, you need to add a little sugar powder. The mass should be stirred with a strong spoon. Powder should be added in as much as the honey can absorb into itself.

After the mass thickens to such a state that it will be difficult to interfere with a spoon, the mass is spread on a board sprinkled with powdered sugar. The ready mass is kneaded just like the most common bread dough. It is periodically added sugar, which prevents adhesion. Mass should be very vigorously kneaded to add as much sugar as possible. The finished candy should not be very hard, soft or wet.

On average, the ratio of invert sugar and honey to sugar powder is 2 kg per 5 kg. Stirring on the board on average should take 40 minutes. If you manage to cook candy correctly, then it retains its shape, not sticky and does not flow out of the holes in the cage with the uterus.

Ready food should be moved to tin cans, which are tightly closed. In the period of wet and hot weather, you should add a little more sugar to the candy. In a very hot summer, you should increase the amount of powdered sugar from 5 kg to 6 kg.

A very successful recipe for Candy was offered by the German beekeeper Sklenar. He prepares candy, which remains a normal consistency. He suggests taking as much sugar as mixed with honey, and put in the stove at night. The process will be repeated until the mass becomes elastic and plastic. To prevent the candy from flowing at high temperatures, it should be kept for at least a year before consuming, otherwise it can cause the death of bees.

It is important that the candy is rather soft and moist, but in no case becomes sticky until the end of the shelf life.

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Cooking Candy