Catching stray swarms

Catching stray swarms

A large number of people are engaged in catching stray swarms. With this method, you can significantly expand your apiary. To catch is necessary to make traps, the structure of which can be very different, which will allow the manufacturer’s imagination. The main conditions for it – a large size and not heavy weight.

The trap should have a comfortable chute, with a secure lock, a waterproof roof and fastenings for the trunk and tree branches. Inside, there should be frames. The sizes at them can be the diversified, but it is better to choose such that then it was convenient to put them in a hive. The more frames with a honeycomb, which are equipped with honeycombs of sushi, the larger the size of the trap. In the standard trap, 5 to 6 frames are fixed. Outside, the trap is painted with a green or protective color.

There are some general rules that make it easier to catch swarms:

Place traps in places where there is a nearby reservoir of water. It is better to choose well-lit, not too windy edges, or glades, as well as southern sides of deforestation and forest clearings. For hanging traps more suitable for strong and thick trees, the best option are aspen and spruce. Traps are better to hang at a height of not less than 4 – 5 m and not higher than 12 – 15 m, then more chances that the bees will fly into it. The trap should be placed so that it is accessible to bees, but not visible to outsiders. Before the trap is installed, it is better to rub it with mint, melissa or feline grass, then there is more chance that it will attract bees. To prevent the bee trapping in the trap, it must be checked from time to time. Traps are removed in the evening, subject to all necessary precautions.

How is it easier to find a swarm in a forest

For this lesson it is necessary to know the terrain well, to have observation, patience, and also a sporty physique. First you need to find the bees on the flowers, and then follow the direction of its flight and find the nest. At the same time it is necessary to be able to think and know well the habits and habits of bees in order to exclude places where they can not live, but to find the really best tree.

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Catching stray swarms