When the bees winter better

When the bees winter better

I have been engaged in beekeeping for more than 10 years. I want to share my experience in the formation of the nests of families that winter in the wild. I keep bees in double-wall hives, sun loungers on 14 frames with a magazine extension on the half-frame. After pumping honey in early August, I leave ten qualitative nesting frames in the hives and immediately start giving the bees an autumn dressing with small portions of sugar syrup (1: 1.5), 1-2 L each. I feed not more than 5-6 kg of sugar per family. After the end of feeding I spend an autumn audit, forming a nest with a “beard”. For this, I made special extensions from boards of 25 mm thick, which I place in place of store boards. The internal size of the special extension 420и450иа0 mm. In the side walls I made grooves for the frames.

This extension 3 allows you to raise the nest frames by 60 mm, which leads to an increase in the sub-frame space to 80 mm (instead of 20 in a conventional hive). The distance between the frames and the ceiling 2 also increases to 40 mm (instead of 10). The enlarged podramochnoe and above frame spaces create favorable conditions for the formation of a winter club, promote better ventilation of the nest. In the above-frame space it is also convenient to place polyethylene bags with formic acid during the autumn antivariate treatment of bees, as well as feed during early spring feeding.

Hive with raised nest frames.

When the bees winter betterThe length of the extension (420 mm) corresponds to 11 frames, but for the winter I leave in the hive, usually 10, so that between the outer frames and its walls there is a free space 25 mm wide.

The nest formed in this way helps maintain a certain microclimate in the hive. With the onset of a cold snap, the lower tapholes are left open 1-2 cm, and the upper ones 6-8 cm, depending on the strength of the family.

With this organization of wintering, there is almost no dampness and scuffle at the will. In the spring the bees vigorously overfly, the uterus starts egg laying early. During the spring audit, I remove the special extensions, and lower the frames to their places.

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When the bees winter better