Hibernation of bees

Bees in winter

The wintering of bees is divided into two periods: the first – rest, which lasts until the appearance of brood (mid-February – early March); the second – the pre-spring, to the setting of bees from

Hibernate under the snow

Its bees I keep in standard twelve-frame hives. I do not go to the nomad. Annually from each family I get 70-80 kg of marketable honey. For wintering I leave about 30 kg. Bee bees.

Lateral warming of hives

The insulating cushions we sew almost always the same size – only for the top. If the nest is within nine frames, then such a pillow will not enter the empty lateral space. Lateral insulation

Application of electric heaters in hives

There are a lot of letters asking to send instructions and justification of the expediency of using bee electric heaters. Based on the work of specialists and some of their own observations, the technological group

Wintering at will in the nucleus

To save spare queens in winter, I made a nucleus for a quarter of the standard frame. Its internal dimensions are 410X180X XI60 mm. The thickness of the walls is 25, the height of the

Hibernation of bees

Properly organized bee hibernation is one of the most important tasks in beekeeping. A good winter is considered to be a wintering, in which not only there is no escape of bee colonies or corn

Bees in winter huts are better

Wintering bees at will is economically advantageous, since there is no need to build winterers and in unnecessary laborious work for placing bees in them. Bees used to fly over, more viable. Practice has proved

Effective shelter for bees

For eleven years now I have been using the method of warming hives, which not only ensures the complete preservation of the bee colonies, but also creates conditions that allow them to leave the hibernation

When the bees winter better

I have been engaged in beekeeping for more than 10 years. I want to share my experience in the formation of the nests of families that winter in the wild. I keep bees in double-wall

Work on an apiary at the end of a bribe and making nests for a winter

Before the end of the honey collection, it is necessary to immediately begin to organize the hives and prevent the theft of bees, which can occur when the bribe breaks. Measures against the attack of

Once again on the ventilation of hives

The bees are hibernating in the wild. In order to improve the ventilation of the hive, in autumn I remove one of the last frame from the nest and in the corners at the back

Feed for winter stock

In September, bee colonies are still preparing food, so now sugar syrup should be fed only for the night, after inspecting the bees in the morning or in the evening. Weak families (layers) should not

Bees in heated hives

For the winter period, as is known, the bee family requires 8 to 15 kg of feed, depending on the climatic zone and wintering conditions. The amount of feed intake, brood heating, wax release, evaporation

Successful wintering of bees

For ten years I have been engaged in beekeeping, and the magazine began to read even earlier. Many tips and recommendations, drawn from the articles, immediately tried to use in their practice, but, not having

Wintering on the will in the huts in the sun loungers in pairs

Many consider the climate of the Arkhangelsk region unfavorable for the wintering of bees at will. But a villager, an amateur beekeeper thinks differently. Over the past ten years he had to experience different wintering