Therapeutic properties of honey

Therapeutic properties of honey

The main part of honey – glucose is widely used in medicine for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension, bleeding (especially gastric), peptic ulcer of various infectious diseases, sepsis. This is the most effective remedy for various poisonings.

Glucose is an extremely important nutrient for cells of tissues and organs. It increases the reserves of glucose in the liver, which is the energy material for the body and improves the processes of tissue metabolism. Glucose increases the body’s resistance to infection. And this is not a complete list of its applications. If to add to this, that in addition to glucose honey contains mineral substances, salts, organic acids, vitamins and other substances necessary for the body, it becomes clear what it is a miracle cure.

Biologically active substances of honey are quite effective for the prevention and treatment of many diseases, and most importantly – non-toxic in comparison with preparations obtained on the basis of the synthesis of chemical compounds.

The bactericidal properties of honey have been proved by research. Potassium, which is contained in it, takes water from bacteria, and their existence without water becomes impossible. All pathogenic microorganisms placed in honey were killed: the causative agents of typhoid fever after 48 hours, typhoid fever after 24 hours, microbes that cause chronic bronchopneumonia, on day 4, specific bacteria, causative agents of peritonitis, pleurisy and abscess, and also microbes that cause dysentery, after 10 hours.

Even in the time of Hippocrates, honey was used to treat skin wounds. Its bactericidal action removes putrefaction, assists in the scarring of wounds. Honey is also treated with burns. As a source of easily absorbed carbohydrates, it can be used for food and medicinal purposes when the body is exhausted and weakened.

Of great importance is honey and in children’s nutrition, favorably affecting the children’s body: children quickly gain weight, develop better. Honey increases the resistance of their body to many infectious diseases.

In the pediatric literature, there are data on the treatment of dystrophy and dyspepsia in children with a mixture of milk with a mucous decoction of rice with the addition of 3% honey. From a therapeutic point of view, honey is recommended for vomiting in children, infectious diseases, constipation, etc.

Honey has a beneficial effect on bedwetting in children, as it collects a restorative effect on the nervous system. It has a mild excitatory effect, especially on the circulatory system, which is therefore extremely useful for people of physical and mental labor and weakened after serious illnesses.

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Therapeutic properties of honey