Useful volume of the pavilion hive

Useful volume of the pavilion hive

How many honeycombs are required for bees to develop normally? In the active period, they need honeycomb for carbohydrate feed and pergi, oviposition, brood rearing, processing of nectar, and for rest. Studies have established that the uterus lays eggs in full force, and bees feed from them the maximum amount of full brood only if the hive has at least 12-16 kg of honey and 2-3 frames of perga. In the absence of the latter, the presence of pollen in nature or protein feeding is necessary.

The most important periods for the creation of a strong family are autumn, when the strength of the family is growing, and the spring is the development of the family. To create optimal conditions for the autumn laying of the uterus (when selecting honey in August), I leave at least 16-18 kg of honey in the main families and layers, and the autumn feeding regime (single doses of syrup, the level of sugar concentration in it and

the frequency of feeding) is set such as to promote the development of maximum oviposition.

Optimal for these purposes is the feeding of syrup with 50% sugar content (1: 1) to 2 liters every other day for three weeks. In our conditions this is from 10-12 August and until early September, for this period each family receives 19-24 liters of syrup.

This mode allows the bee family at the end of feeding to have up to 28 kg of winter carbohydrate feed, brood in the lower shell on the 5-6 frame, a properly formed nest in which the brood fills 2/3 honeycombs (rear), and 1/3 (front) is occupied honey and processed syrup.

It turns out that the club of bees, forming near the front wall of the hive, next to the tap, has at its disposal fodder reserves almost two Langstroth’s heights, which he lacks before flying around. And after that, on the lateral framework and closer to the back wall of the hive, there still remains at least 16 kg of feed in the family, which is enough until the May honey pickers. To create such reserves and the normal placement of the club, the family needs two buildings with 8-9 honeycombs in each.

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Useful volume of the pavilion hive