The wax balance of the apiary

The wax balance of the apiary

To determine the degree of voskoobespechennosti apiary and determine the overall increase in wax for the beekeeping season is made wax balance apiary. It is made on the basis of the acts of the spring and autumn main audits and the accounting of all wax for the same terms. With this account, it is believed that the nesting standard frame of the land contains 140 g of wax, and the storehouse – 70 g. The first grade dried from the framework contains 70-90% wax, the second on average 60-65%, and the third -40-50%; uproots -25%.

The spare honeycombs should be stored in a dry place in dense boxes, inaccessible to rodents and moths. Sometimes the frames with spare land are kept suspended in a ventilated room, preferably – in a light draft. In all cases of storage of spare honeycombs, the frames should be hung so that there is a free space of 2-2.5 cm between the neighboring frames.

In winter, it is better

to store the spare land in a dry unheated room, since a frost of 10 њ kills a wax moth in all stages of its development. In spring and summer time, the room or boxes with land are periodically disinfected by burning sulfur: the resulting sulfur gas kills larvae and wax moth butterflies.

The safety of spare cells should be checked at least once a month, and in the summer – even more often.

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The wax balance of the apiary