Removal of the brood brood

Removal of the brood brood

On the photo: 1 – honeycomb; 2 – frame with a drone brood.

The proposed method of combating varroatosis consists in removing bee colonies from the nest and destroying the tartar brood affected by the varroa mite.

The essence of the method is to embed a small frame with a drone honeycomb into a regular frame with a honeycomb. Such frames are put several pieces in the center of the nest, depending on its size. We named these frames patrol (see picture).

A frame with a sealed drone brood is taken out of the nest, the lids of the kamoroks are cut off, the pupae are removed with the ticks present on them, and the closets are washed with a soda solution. Such work is carried out once a decade from April to August inclusive.

Careful implementation of these operations gives positive results in the control of varroa mites.

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Removal of the brood brood