Honey for people with diabetes mellitus

Honey for people with diabetes mellitus

Back in 1915 the Moscow doctor A. Ya. Davydov described his observations concerning the successful use of honey bees in the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus.

When treating 8 patients with diabetes with honey, he came to the following conclusions that honey in diabetes mellitus can be very useful in many cases: as a taste substance; a very nutritious addition to the diabetic diet (with its use there is almost no desire to eat anything else sweet from illicit substances in this disease); a means of preventing acetonemia, in which one always has to give sugar and generally weaken the diet; sugar, not only not increasing, but even greatly reducing the allocation of grape sugar.

As shown by numerous studies, vitamins B1, C and PP not only participate in carbohydrate metabolism, but also reduce blood sugar in patients with diabetes mellitus, that is, they normalize their carbohydrate metabolism.

In this regard, it is necessary to pay special attention to bee honey, which contains a large amount of levulose (buckwheat – 40.29-41.36%, lime – 39.27%). In addition, in honey, an insulin-like hormonal factor has recently been found. Therefore, it would be advisable to conduct clinical trials of multivitaminized honey of a special composition (containing thiamine, ascorbic and nicotinic acids at therapeutic doses). Such honey will expand the assortment of food for diabetics.

At the Moscow vitamin-confectionery factory named after Marat, at the suggestion of the author of this book, multivitamins products were prepared from honey for people with diabetes: multivitaminized honey, honey-blackcurrant mass, black currant nasta, honey-peanut, honey-tachin and honey-yeast masses.

These samples were tasted and received a positive evaluation and recommended not only for diabetics, but also for children, schoolchildren and patients with various diseases. We do not agree with some authors, beekeepers and doctors who recommend honey in large doses to diabetics, considering it an antidiabetic drug.

Large doses of honey can cause harm to people with diabetes. Our observations allow us to recommend this category of patients daily not more than 50-100 g of vitaminized honey containing vitamins B1, PP, C, instead of the same amount of sugar or other carbohydrates.

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Honey for people with diabetes mellitus