African bees

African bees

The bees that live in Africa are relatively small compared to ours. There are so many honey and pollenots here that bee colonies are provided with food throughout the year and they do not need to make large reserves. At the same time, they feed a huge number of larvae, which create the prerequisites for swarming.

African bees easily leave nests, do not take stock of feed, because in the new place there are many flowering plants. Interestingly, they do not calm down under the influence of smoke, more than that, it infuriates them, insects become very aggressive, attack any object that moves, are excited by noise. The victim is persecuted for a long time, actively protecting the nest.

Local amateurs have developed a number of activities that protect bees from unnecessary anxiety, and beekeepers from bites, the more that the poison of the African is stronger than that of our bee, and is equivalent to the wasp venom.

Over fifty years ago, African women were brought to Brazil, so that they transferred local resistance to disease. The conditions of South America, the local meaders liked the guests: families quickly multiplied and mastered the continent. But they were ungrateful to the new owners, they were sensitive to them. Strong bites lead even to deaths in humans and animals. For this, they were called bees-murderers.

African women or their hybrids can be found in the apiaries of Brazil, Argentina, in the Andes at an altitude of over 2 thousand meters above sea level, in Mexico, Panama, Venezuela. According to forecasts, they will master the territory in North America along the lines of New York – Chicago – Denver – San Francisco, which is also assisted by the absence of natural enemies. Beekeepers of America, given the fierceness of African women, recommended apiary appear in protective suits, work mittens, once again not to disturb the family and not to walk between hives to put beehives from one another at a distance of 4 meters, not to create large apiaries.

Some amateurs receive from the family of African women 100 kg of honey.

Brazilians believe that the fierceness of African women is a positive quality, as it protects apiaries from robbers. To frighten off such insects it is possible to vinegar, having moistened a rag to them. Not reaching the piece of such tissue, the bees are returned back.

The Association of American Honey Manufacturers demands not to show films about killer bees, but not to use the term itself. Nevertheless, preventive measures should be taken to prevent their occurrence in Europe, where there are valuable breeds of bees, the loss of which would be irreparable for the region.

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African bees