Frame for pavilion hives

Frame for pavilion hives

The frame is one of the most important components of the hive. It provides a strong impact on the life of the bee family during all periods of its existence, creates convenience in working with bees. The standard Hoffmann frame for the multi-hull Langstroth-Ruta with a width of 37 mm permanent separators does not allow the installation of streets already 12 mm.

For the best development of weak families in the spring, the streets are recommended to be reduced to 9 mm. In strong families, this period can be short, otherwise there is a swarm state. In medium and weak families, the streets are expanded to 12 mm at the time when they are put in second buildings or make the first rearrangement of the buildings. In this case, the width of the separating part of the side bar is reduced to 34 mm, which ensures the width of the street up to 9 mm when the frames are shifted.

Expansion of intercellular gaps up to 11-12 mm in summer and winter is made by correspondingly moving the frames to the required distance.

In order to reduce the gapless gap between the hulls of the multi-hull, which is necessary to improve the wintering conditions, the upper lath of the frame should have a thickness of 10-12 mm instead of 22 mm, and a lower one -8 mm instead of 10 mm. If the details of the frames are bought ready, then their modification to the required dimensions is made in accordance with the figure.

Frame for pavilion hives

To facilitate the separation of the frames and reduce the traumatization of bees when working with them, the widened part of both side panels is also modified according to the drawing.

The wire for framing the frames is tightened tight, to the ringing. Holes for a wire with a diameter of 1 – 1.2 mm is better to drill with an electric drill, do not pierce with an awl, since the wire will not crash into the side strips when

stretching. And that these slats do not crack when hammering nails, holes for them are better to drill. For the framing of frames, nails 1,8×32 are used with preliminary gluing with casein glue.

Wax is fixed with an electric harvester. But it is also possible to use the filament winding of a power transformer from a TV or a tube radio receiver. When fixing the wax sheet, the gap between it and the bottom of the frame should be 3-4 mm. Only in this case the bees build up the frame with honeycombs to the bottom bar, and the built-up honeycomb does not deform.

The resulting gap of 8-10 mm between the upper bar and the edge of the honeycomb bee also perfectly build up, as it always tries to secure the honeycomb firmly from above.

With these changes, the conditions for the wintering of bees improve and the honeycomb becomes more capacious, because its area increases by 5-8%

The feeder with the dam can be made of any material. Its volume is up to 4-5 liters, but it is better to have a wooden feeder impregnated with hot linseed oil or wax, with a closed corridor for the passage of bees through the holes in the ceiling. The raft in the trough serves to prevent the death of bees in the syrup and consists of thin plywood or veneer plates, knocked down by two 10×10 mm rails. It is also impregnated with linseed oil.

More practical than the construction of feeders with transparent covers, which prevent the bees from leaving the overburden.

The ceiling-diaphragm should be in half of the hives. It is made of boards of 18-20 mm in the form of a shield in the external dimensions of the body. One side of the shield is flat, on the other there is a rim of 20×20 mm around the perimeter. In the middle of the ceiling, a hole is made, allowing the installation of two Porter removers.

They are inserted into the ceiling when the bees are removed before removing the honey housings, or they are sealed with a double stamped grating when the formation of the layers and the withdrawal of the queens take place. In one of the bars, above the ceiling, it is necessary to cut a slot of 10 X 100 mm, which is used as a tap during the formation of the layer. If the ceiling is used for other purposes, it is closed with an insert.

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Frame for pavilion hives