Early spring feeding of kandi bee colonies

Early spring feeding of kandi bee colonies

Spring and autumn are the defining time for the further development of families. Therefore, the right preparation for their fall will be a pledge of a good wintering of families. But the correct preparation of families for the collection of honey in the spring is, of course, a good collection of honey and a good mood for the beekeeper.

Do not forget that she is a strong family able to give more honey than two weak families. In addition, strong families are sick much less often. Therefore, if you properly take care of them, you can not worry about their health. So what kind of proper feeding should be given to achieve this?

It’s no secret that the gold reserve of any apiary is a low-copper and pearling framework, which the beekeeper postponed or rejected last season. During the first spring inspection of the nests, of course, there is a reduction. The reason is that the air temperature is constantly changing, and quite often there are frosts.

If the family is healthy, then the first examination will not particularly damage this family. Within the framework that was taken out during the first inspection, print the printed honey that remained. Then you need to put them closer to the nest. This will not allow them to cool down.

Sometimes in the apiary there are no honeycombs. Then the bees must be fed with honey, diluted with water in equal proportions. In the spring, to feed bees with paste from sugar syrup it is not necessary, because for its processing there is a lot of energy which at bees after winter and so it is a little.

For early spring feeding of bees, you should use a paste made of sugar paste, vitamins, protein supplements.

The composition of such a product is approximately the following: 700 grams, 200 grams of pollen or its substitute. As a substitute for pollen, brewer’s yeast, soy flour and skim milk are used.

The above ingredients should be well mixed and add a glass of herbal tincture. For a kilogram of finished pasta, add two tablespoons of lemon juice.

This paste is placed over the bees. Add the bait every two weeks. Pasta is placed either on a newspaper or in disposable utensils.

When the spring has just begun and it is still quite cold, the bees can not feed from the feeding trough. In this case, you can use a thick bait – candy. But it is more often used to save a family that is dying of hunger.

To prepare candy for top dressing in the early spring, you should take 8 kilograms of powdered sugar, 2 kilograms of honey and a glass of water. Next, all the ingredients should be mixed and melt in a water bath. As a result, a paste will appear that resembles in its consistence a thick dough, which must be given to bees as feed in the early spring.

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Early spring feeding of kandi bee colonies