Peace-loving insects of bees Peace-loving insects of bees July 10, 2018 best-kapitan

No matter how strange it seems, bees are insects peaceful. Perhaps, everyone had to visit a flowering garden or admire the multicolored meadow grasses. Thousands of bees work at this time on flowers. And neither one pays attention to you. They are engaged in foraging. If you want to catch a bee, she will try […]

Bees live by families Bees live by families July 9, 2018 best-kapitan

Honey bees live not alone, like many other insects, but in large communities, families. They are, like bumblebees, ants and wasps, and are therefore called public insects. In the family of honey bees, as in every family, there should be parents and children. The way it is. In most social insects, including bees, the family […]

Cultivation of queens Cultivation of queens July 9, 2018 best-kapitan

Look at this time in the nest. In the corners and at the bottom of the frames you will see areas with a drone brood. On the edges of the honeycomb and in the indentations appeared some rounded cells, like caps of acorns or small cups. These are bowls. They will grow young uterus. All […]

Early honey-plants Early honey-plants July 9, 2018 best-kapitan

In early spring, a lot of nectar is given by willow. Descended the spring waters. Still hollowed around, and in shallow, damp places the willow bushes became golden. Summer inconspicuous, now they stand out among still undeveloped vegetation. Gently-yellow lambs of flowers and the smell of nectar, they beckon honey bees. A family of willow […]

Bees in the open air Bees in the open air July 9, 2018 best-kapitan

Bees hibernate in the apiary, in their usual places. Whenever there are stable colds, the beekeepers open the tapes for the entire lumen. The value of the tap does not affect the temperature in the hive. As with a small, and with a large tap, it almost does not differ from the outside. However, with […]

Dancing bees on honeycomb Dancing bees on honeycomb July 9, 2018 best-kapitan

The most important means of communication between bees is special movements on the honeycombs, so-called “dances”. Indeed, in these movements, as in a real dance, there is a rhythm, some definite figures, pretty clear turns, runs, circles. Only they are performed without music. The old Russian observant beekeepers called this behavior of insects a dance. […]

Lime Queen of the Honey-Bears Lime Queen of the Honey-Bears July 7, 2018 best-kapitan

Of all the melliferous plants that grow in our country, there is no equal lime. From a hectare of lime forest, you can collect a ton of honey. One century old, a century-old tree, growing in a well-lit place, can distinguish five buckets of nectar for one bloom! Lipu by merit is called the queen […]

Apiary and beekeeping Apiary and beekeeping July 7, 2018 best-kapitan

Since ancient times, the glory has been established for honey to contribute to the preservation of youth and vivacity. Ibn Sina (Avicenna) said: “If you want to preserve youth, then you must eat honey.” This is a treat, and a food product, and a medicine. One glass of warm water with honey, taken at night, […]

Honey bees are useful insects Honey bees are useful insects July 7, 2018 best-kapitan

Perhaps you will not meet a village or a farm, wherever bees are kept. You look, near the house in a small garden in a row there are colorful hives, pieces 5-6, and even a dozen and a half. Over the apiary there is a thick, even and even solemn ringing. In different directions hastily […]

Apiary Beefs Apiary Beefs July 6, 2018 best-kapitan

The beekeeper must know the melliferous flora of his locality and enrich it. Only then can he count on high honey gathering. He should remember that bees collect the maximum amount of nectar and pollen from those plants that are from the apiary within a radius of 2 km. With the removal of plants, the […]

Voice of the hive Voice of the hive July 5, 2018 best-kapitan

Go closer to the hive, and you will hear the noise of the family, deaf, even, unison. It is similar to the sound of boiling. It is the sound of everyday bee labor. After all, the bees are in the nest in constant movement and work, not knowing the day and night, in any weather. […]

Feed in a hive Feed in a hive July 4, 2018 best-kapitan

If the season has developed unsuccessfully and the bees do not even stock up their food for the winter, they have to feed sugar syrup. However, it is better to give them honey. Experienced beekeepers in this case always keep it in reserve. But bees can live on sugar forage. The syrup is prepared as […]

Bees going to the club Bees going to the club July 3, 2018 best-kapitan

Then came late autumn. Became shorter and cooler days. Trees and shrubs discard the yellowed leaves. With the withering of nature, the activity of honey bees gradually decreases. They, like the plant world, are preparing for a long period of winter peace. Only on fine days the bees fly out of the hives in search […]

Birth of a bee family Birth of a bee family July 3, 2018 best-kapitan

One summer morning, just as if a dozing hive at the bees of scouts suddenly comes to a strong excitement. Sobbing in the tap, the bees begin to fly out of the nest, as if some unknown force drives them. Insects, trying to get ahead of each other, hurry and hard take off and, as […]

How to remove a swarm How to remove a swarm July 3, 2018 best-kapitan

Fig. 25. Roevnia with a swarm. Roy can be caught. To do this, there is a special device – roevnia. Opening side of her lead to the bees and shake them. Do not fall into the rovnyu bees carefully collected in a wooden scoop and poured into it. Immediately, where the swarm was sitting, the […]

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