Young Beekeeper

Peace-loving insects of bees

No matter how strange it seems, bees are insects peaceful. Perhaps, everyone had to visit a flowering garden or admire the multicolored meadow grasses. Thousands of bees work at this time on flowers. And neither

Bees live by families

Honey bees live not alone, like many other insects, but in large communities, families. They are, like bumblebees, ants and wasps, and are therefore called public insects. In the family of honey bees, as in

Cultivation of queens

Look at this time in the nest. In the corners and at the bottom of the frames you will see areas with a drone brood. On the edges of the honeycomb and in the indentations

Early honey-plants

In early spring, a lot of nectar is given by willow. Descended the spring waters. Still hollowed around, and in shallow, damp places the willow bushes became golden. Summer inconspicuous, now they stand out among

Bees in the open air

Bees hibernate in the apiary, in their usual places. Whenever there are stable colds, the beekeepers open the tapes for the entire lumen. The value of the tap does not affect the temperature in the

Dancing bees on honeycomb

The most important means of communication between bees is special movements on the honeycombs, so-called “dances”. Indeed, in these movements, as in a real dance, there is a rhythm, some definite figures, pretty clear turns,

Lime Queen of the Honey-Bears

Of all the melliferous plants that grow in our country, there is no equal lime. From a hectare of lime forest, you can collect a ton of honey. One century old, a century-old tree, growing

Apiary and beekeeping

Since ancient times, the glory has been established for honey to contribute to the preservation of youth and vivacity. Ibn Sina (Avicenna) said: “If you want to preserve youth, then you must eat honey.” This

Honey bees are useful insects

Perhaps you will not meet a village or a farm, wherever bees are kept. You look, near the house in a small garden in a row there are colorful hives, pieces 5-6, and even a

Apiary Beefs

The beekeeper must know the melliferous flora of his locality and enrich it. Only then can he count on high honey gathering. He should remember that bees collect the maximum amount of nectar and pollen