Voice of the hive

Go closer to the hive, and you will hear the noise of the family, deaf, even, unison. It is similar to the sound of boiling. It is the sound of everyday bee labor. After all,

Feed in a hive

If the season has developed unsuccessfully and the bees do not even stock up their food for the winter, they have to feed sugar syrup. However, it is better to give them honey. Experienced beekeepers

Bees going to the club

Then came late autumn. Became shorter and cooler days. Trees and shrubs discard the yellowed leaves. With the withering of nature, the activity of honey bees gradually decreases. They, like the plant world, are preparing

Birth of a bee family

One summer morning, just as if a dozing hive at the bees of scouts suddenly comes to a strong excitement. Sobbing in the tap, the bees begin to fly out of the nest, as if

How to remove a swarm

Fig. 25. Roevnia with a swarm. Roy can be caught. To do this, there is a special device – roevnia. Opening side of her lead to the bees and shake them. Do not fall into

Good uterine swarms

In the nest of the family, from which the swarm came out, there are always a lot of good mature swarm queen. Bees grow queens for their new families – swarms. Moreover, they are taken

Pussy cases

Any business requires proper organization of work, and beekeeping is especially important. Because there you have to work with living beings. Many of the works on the apiary are very labor-intensive – shrinking the streets,

Where to get the bees

It is best to establish contact with the local, regional, city or regional society of beekeepers-lovers. Such societies are now organized almost everywhere. They often give bees to schools with beehives, patronize school apiaries and

Behavior of bees-thieves

The bee-thief can be easily recognized by behavior. She is cautious and cowardly, carefully examines the hive from all sides, tries to find some unprotected gap. Not finding any progress, eats to enter the summer,

Smoke makes the bees obedient

There is one, perhaps, the most powerful means of pacifying bees – smoke. If you enter it into the hive, then in a moment the family comes into a strong excitement. Bees, feeling danger, greedily