Bees drink water

Many, of course, saw the bees drinking water at the wells, near the springs, on the warmers by the rivers and ponds. Especially a lot of them are at the watering place in the spring

Honey Cindy

Working bees are females, but in the process of development these insects lost their ability to reproduce. They ceased to operate the reproductive system, although in the distant past, like all females, they laid eggs,

Wax nest

Honey bees are the inhabitants of the forest. The forest for them is a native element, both for birds and animals. From early spring until late autumn, he gives them food. Trees protect them from

What annoys bees

Bees are angry and all the sharp movements are running along the apiary, brushing off the approaching insect, nervous behavior. Obviously, in this they perceive a threat. By the way, the eyes of the bees

How to get wild honey

The beekeeper is an ancient profession. First, in very remote times, hunting for honey was, like hunting for the beast. People went into the woods, found hollows with bees, ruined them, broke out the honeycombs

Mothers on the vaccine frame

If you need to withdraw a lot of queens, use a special inoculum. This is the same nesting frame with two reinforced bars in it. Horizontally located bars divide the frame into 3 equal parts.

How to behave with bees

After the family has grown, strengthened, renewed the nest, filled it with brood and fodder, that is, created conditions for its well-being and prosperity, all its concerns are directed towards the creation of a new

Beehive on the scales

To control the course of the honey, one hive must be put on the scale. Daily weighing of this control hive will show how much its weight was added or, conversely, how much honey the

So that the second swarm does not come out

The family from which the swarm came out is capable of forming another one or even two. After all, in the nest remained queen cells with growing larvae. The new uterus also strives to become

Field Honey Crops

For beekeeping are of exceptional value and field crops, especially buckwheat and sunflower. A buckwheat field is a white ocean of inflorescences. And above it a thick honey smell. More than a month this valuable