Fly around after a long winter

And then, finally, the day comes when bees after a long winter can come to freedom. All winter they stayed in the hives, fleeing from the cold. All the long winter they patiently waited for

Bees water-bearing

For honey bees, as we have already said, the strict distribution of work among family members is characteristic. This creates order in the family, ensures rapid performance of all kinds of work. The “professional specialization”

Beekeeping as a holiday

On a summer clear day, bees can be watched with unflagging interest from morning till night, without departing from the hive. Look at how hard they work on flowers, collecting food, how they hurriedly leave

Rejuvenation of the bee family

During the honey harvest the bees worked for a whole day: in the afternoon they collected nectar, at night they cooked honey from it. This hard work undermined their strength. Many perished, and the survivors

Bee bread

With each passing day new honey plants grow. Bees find more and more nectar for themselves. Tens of thousands of them are busy at this time pollen extraction. In the nest appear oblong-oval lumps of

Rod continues the uterus

Uterus is the main member of the family. It is often called even a queen or queen. It is very different from working bees. A long, round at the end rounded abdomen banded with light

Pumping out honeycomb in honey extractor

Honey can be taken from bees only when it is more than what they need for food in winter and next spring. It is believed that the family needs 30-35 kg of feed for this

Cold bees are not terrible

In a large cluster of bees (and in the winter club of a strong family there are 30-35 thousand insects, and their density is very high) it is quite easy for them to create the

Replacement of the uterus along with the discharge

When it is necessary to replace the old uterus with a young one, the best and most reliable way is to attach a small, specially formed family to the family, in which the young uterus

Organization of a new bee family

The number of families can be increased if the apiary has free uterus or queen eggs and spare hives. Hive well and dry the hives. Then prepare a place for the family: mow the grass,