About the wax moth and the solar wax-furnace

Honeycombs, freed from honey, are saved until the next honey crop in the sewers – special unheated rooms that are inaccessible to bees. In large beekeeping farms, where there are a lot of honeycombs, sotohranilischa

History of Beekeeping

Perhaps all of you love honey. In fact, what could be sweeter than honey! In its fragrant amber drops like infusion of meadow grasses, the smell of July lime groves, the spark of the sun.

How to increase the apiary

It is not difficult to increase the apiary. Every swarm is a new family. Swarms work well and grow, safely winter. The next year they become strong families and can swarm themselves. Of course, not

Drones of a bee family

In addition to the uterus and worker bees, drones live in the bee family – its male part. These are large insects with large, almost full head, complex eyes, powerful wings, developed muscles. They are

To ensure that bee colonies grow better

With the advent of spring, just before our eyes, the bee family grows, grows stronger and stronger. In the midday hours, young bees fly more and more often, flying and noisy in flight, for the

Beekeeping tools

As with any specialist, the beekeeper has his own tools, his own special equipment. Perhaps the most necessary and indispensable tool of the beekeeper is a beekeeping chisel. Fig. 20. Beekeeping chisel. Without it, you

Podsadka uterus in the cell and under the cap

The young families-laps of queens are planted in metal or plastic cages. For the bees, the uterus is inaccessible and safe. Wire mesh cells – a reliable protection. In order for the bees to take

Smells of a bee’s nest

An extremely important role in the life of honey bees is played by the so-called chemical language – odors. This is the oldest and most perfect way to communicate insects. Their nest is full of

In winter, bees need peace

Wintering proceeds normally when the deep, long-lasting peace of the bees is not disturbed. After all, they are in a state of low life in winter, they move very little. They doze, take care of

Moving an apiary to the honey-combs

Our country is very rich in melliferous plants. They conceal huge reserves of nectar. Hundreds of thousands of tons of this healing liquid gold are poured over flowering meadows, fields and forests. But they grow