Application of electric heaters in hives

Application of electric heaters in hives

There are a lot of letters asking to send instructions and justification of the expediency of using bee electric heaters. Based on the work of specialists and some of their own observations, the technological group came to the conclusion that in the spring it is advisable to use electric heaters with a power from 11 to 14 W.

Depending on the temperature of the outside air, it is possible, by changing the voltage, to regulate the power and, accordingly, the temperature of the heating element (Table).

Application of electric heaters in hives

We suggest using the way in which the heating element is placed on top of the frame and covered with a pillow.

Its positive aspects:

Concentration of heat in the upper part of the frame without energy consumption by bees;

Protection of the element from sudden changes in outdoor temperature, and as a result – stabilization of the temperature of the socket (with uncontrolled heating from the bottom of the frame, the temperature of the heater varies with the temperature of the environment);

Thanks to the top heating, the winter club of bees is located in the place where there is more food;

There is an opportunity to save families who, at the end of wintering, have greatly weakened and are unable to warm themselves;

Avoid dampness in the nest;

Bees take food more actively in the cold periods of the year;

There is no need to use complex equipment.

By connecting a 500 … 600 W transformer, you can simultaneously heat a large number of families.

Do not forget that electric heaters have a relatively small power, so the stable temperature of the device is set for several hours. Connect the heating elements to the step-down transformer in parallel.

In our opinion, the aforementioned heating features make it possible to save fodder, reduce the burden on bees and thereby increase strong families to honey.

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Application of electric heaters in hives