Wintering of bees in the yard

During the wintering in the courtyard in the southern regions with a short and mild winter beehives with bees are left in their places without additional external warming. In areas with snowy winters, single-stem hives

Wintering in multihull hives

Some beekeepers believe that the most serious shortcoming of multi-hull bees is the frequent deaths of bees during their wintering at will, as the deceased families have a typical pattern of feeding with a honeycomb

Bees winter on the platform

I equipped my apiary on a mobile platform. Its width is 245 cm, the hives have 22 frames on the narrow frame 300X430 mm. Letka two: the lower slotted and upper round, oriented to a

Care of bees in winterhouses

In the first months of wintering, beekeepers check the microclimate of the winter hunter with a psychometer for 1-2 months, use the control family for food consumption, which is installed on the scale, listen to