Use of wax

Use of wax

Apply wax in many areas of industry. But it has the greatest importance in the production of an artificial honeycomb, which is the basis of honeycomb construction and stimulates bees to increase the allocation of wax.

Wax is used in the manufacture of dummies, visual aids, as an important component in the composition of many materials used in dentistry and dentistry. Wax is indispensable in the manufacture of patches, ointments, whitening and cleansing creams, lipsticks, face masks.

Wax-long ago used in medicine. Even in the deepest time ago we knew about its anti-inflammatory, softening and early healing properties. Wax highly appreciated Avicenna, considering it useful as a means that enhances the formation of milk in nursing mothers, softens the cough and reveals an expectorant effect.

The content in wax carotene and vitamin A makes it useful in the treatment of skin diseases, inflammatory processes of the oral mucosa (stomatitis, gingivitis, sore throat, etc.) in a mixture with other medicines. There are data on the content in the wax of substances that delay the growth and development of some types of pathogens, have an antibiotic effect.

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Use of wax