Application and use of wax

Application and use of wax

Moscow candy factory “Red October” produces honey caramel “Pchelka” and “Golden Hive”. These candies are in great demand among the population. They are relatively large honey cells, preserving in their natural form a small amount of non-crystallized honey.

These sweets, covered with three thin layers of high-quality beeswax, can last a long time without losing pleasant taste qualities. In addition, in the filling of honey-wax candy, we tried to add 0.5 mg of vitamin A, 1 mg of vitamin B1, 1 mg of vitamin B2, 25 mg of vitamin C and 20 mg of rutin. Bee honey, located in such a wax “safe”, for several months completely preserves the activity of vitamins. Chewing a honey-waxed vitaminized candy causes strong salivation, which increases the secretory and motor (motor) functions of the stomach.

Honey-waxed vitaminized sweets increase metabolism, have a beneficial effect

on blood circulation and muscle performance, and wax mechanically cleans teeth from plaque and strengthens the gums. Sweets will be useful in one respect – they will help those who want to get out of smoking.

Wax is an amazing substance that can preserve its properties for many years. It is known that pieces of wax, found in the ancient Egyptian pyramids, had sufficient softness. Wax, thrown by the waves on the shore after the shipwreck and lain in the sand for a long time, retained its characteristic qualities. In the image of the mythical sculptor and architect Daedalus, who made wax wings for himself and his son and flew safely across the Aegean Sea, the dream of a man to fly like a bird is embodied. However, despite the huge successes of people in the matter of inventing super-high-speed aircraft and space rockets, in the creation of which it is impossible to do without wax, people have not yet learned how to create a wax similar to that created by bees in the dark of a hive.

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Application and use of wax