Correction of the family-processing

Correction of the family processing

In a family with bee-workers I substitute combs with an open brood. When the first bees begin to seal cells, I again give them an open brood.

If the family was weak, then I return some of the frames with the sealed brood to those laborers who have been harvested, since a large number of broods can not be heated. After the second substitution of the brood on the honeycombs, fistular queen cells appear. Such a family is already amenable to correction. You can give her a motherhood or plant a womb, after removing all the fistula. If I do not have a spare uterus or queen cells, I leave the fistulas and put a frame with an open brood for the third time in such a way that the bees do not seal it before the exit of the queens.

Thus, a strong, full-fledged family turns out to be a family of work-ups, reinforced by brood.

This method is reliable, but it takes a lot of trouble and time. I found it easier and more convenient. He took the uterus, sprinkled with odorous liquid. He opened the lid of the hive, opened the frames and sprinkled the bees with the same liquid and let the uterus in. Then the bees were again sprinkled with the uterus to give them a general smell.

After that, quickly assembled the nest and closed the hive. After a day or two, I inspected the nest and made sure that the uterus was accepted. First, the bees continued to lay eggs together with the uterus, but then the family appeared so much open brood that the workings stopped egg-laying. You can not put up barren uterus. When I have no spare uterus, I take it from a strong family – that she will bring herself a new womb. I already use this method for a long time. I have not yet had a chance that the bees-processing did not take the uterus.

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Correction of the family-processing