12-frame hive with a shop

12 frame hive with a shop

A 12-frame Dada is also considered a vertical hive. The frame here is higher than in the multi-body, by 70 mm. Its size is 435×300 mm. The length and width of the hive are the same – 450 mm each. Therefore, beekeepers often call it a square. Height inside 330 mm.

Under the honey put another two or three stores.

The bottom in this hive is nailed down, which creates inconvenience in the care of bees. Now they began to make a 12-frame hive with a detachable bottom.

Instead of a continuous wooden ceiling, a piece of sacking or thin plates is often used. A flat roof with a height of 80 mm is connected to the body or shops by folds. The magazine extension, when not occupied by combs, is placed under the roof, where a warming pillow is placed.

The volume of the 12-frame hive for the family is small, it is insufficient even for placing the brood from the highly prolific uterus. Therefore, often use a two-hull beehive. Instead of shops put the second same case without a bottom. Fill it with honeycombs gradually, and not immediately, as in a multi-hull. Two-hull nests are enough for the uterus to lay eggs. In places with very strong honey plants, a third building or shops for honey are placed on this hive.

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12-frame hive with a shop