Withdrawal of uterus by Jenter’s cell

Withdrawal of uterus by Jenters cell

There are many types of bee marks output. Each beekeeper prefers this or that type of withdrawal depending on what he has a professional background, working conditions, and what he needs the number of queens.

At the heart of some methods lies the transfer of one-day larvae from their cells into artificial bowls. But such work can not be done without experience, excellent vision and skillful hands. The fact is that one should have a very precise eye to determine the age of the larvae. But you can use a special insulator for the queen bees. When the larvae are transferred, it is almost impossible to avoid damage. And this will affect their development and acceptance by the family.

To simplify the process of the withdrawal of queens, Carl Jenter, who is a German beekeeper, recently invented his method for the extraction of uterine bees. Significantly, this invention can be compared to the invention of a hive with moving frames.

The kit includes a plastic box, double-sided, a lid that is used for isolation of the uterus, a lattice, 115 caps and the same number of plastic cups that form the bowls. And also plastic nipples for fixing the bowls in the vaccine frame.

The honeycomb body is a box that has a septum in the middle of the surface, the same as that of a honeycomb. Here holes are made, which are located through two cells in the partition. It is in these holes and includes the caps, which form the bottom of honeycomb cells of the honeycomb with concave ends. After that, the box closes on the back side. And on the other hand, a lattice is inserted into the box, which forms the lower part of the honeycomb.

After that, the finished honeycomb is placed in a frame and fixed in it with the help of two screws. The day before you need to get the eggs, the frame should be placed in the center of the brood nest. In addition, the bees cover the honeycomb with wax, prepare the cells and clean them. After a day, remove the frame. On the open side of the frame is put on the lid-insulator, and the round plug is removed from the hole, which is located in the center.

The uterus should be allowed through this opening. After it hits the artificial honeycomb, the cell cover closes. After this, the frame is placed in the center of the family between the cells. Brood in this case should be open. The uterus, which was isolated, will have to lay eggs in artificial honeycombs. The time for laying eggs is usually about three hours.

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Withdrawal of uterus by Jenter’s cell