The tick of boiling water is afraid

The tick of boiling water is afraid

I had to apply various methods of combating varroatosis: I poisoned the mite with phenothiazine, thymol, burning some herbs in the smoke, but everything was ineffective. Finally, I found what to take him.

In the period of active development of bees in families there is a lot of drone brood, that’s when I start to conduct active work with the tick. I take a plastic box the size of a larger frame, pour warm water into it, so that the whole bottom is closed, and begin to cut out the sealed honeycombs. Cut off the caps I put in a bucket filled to half with water, and I hold the frame over the plastic box. With light blows against the edge of the box, I drop the corpse of drones together with the mites into the water. During the cutting of the sealed drone honeycomb I shake the bees into the hive and sweep the remaining insects on the frame, which simplifies the work. Together for 4 hours we process apiary from

50 families.

After processing the apiary, the contents in a bucket and a plastic box are covered with steep boiling water. On the surface of the water in the box is formed almost continuous film of ticks. I conduct this work in April and May twice a month. In addition, I practice this method when pumping honey. After that I fumigate the beehive by burning the preparations and on paper, lubricated with sticky substances, which I put on the removable bottom of the hive, I find a tiny number of mites – 5-10 pieces, no more.

In the apiary I keep clean, remove all the grass and sweep the territory every day. All the garbage and dead bees are burned.

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The tick of boiling water is afraid