Smoke makes the bees obedient

There is one, perhaps, the most powerful means of pacifying bees – smoke. If you enter it into the hive, then in a moment the family comes into a strong excitement. Bees, feeling danger, greedily attack honey, get drunk, become heavier, become less irritable, and poorly owning a full-belly, almost do not sting. Smoke makes them obedient. You can do any work in the socket. By the way, the swarm, whose bees carry a lot of honey, is also notable for peacefulness and therefore it is not dangerous to catch it.

The effect of smoke making bees peaceful has been noticed for a long time. Hunters for wild honey, in order to penetrate into the hollows with bees, used a burned piece of pod, which, smoldering, gave a lot of thick smoke. Now, smoke is used for this purpose.

Especially often it is necessary to resort to smoke when working with bees angry, the excitability of which is increased.

Usually, before exposing the nest, two or three chunks of smoke are let into the chickens and, just waiting for the bees to get drunk with honey, they open the hive. From above light smoke calm them and do all that is needed. If necessary, they also resort to pacifying smoke. They smoke cautiously and not very much. Abuse of smoke angry bees. Yes, and most in the smoke it is unpleasant to be.

Unqualified and rude interference in the nest embittered bees so much that they attacked the beekeeper, neighbors, nearby animals and did not calm down for a long time. In apiaries where bees are constantly irritable and stingy for no reason, the guilt is the beekeeper who does not learn how to work with them. He or very often worries them with all sorts of inspections, or does it rudely, inadvertently and not at the best time for it. After all, one and the same family in the morning, when the bulk of the bees are still in the hive, or by the end of the day, when they get together again, the invasion reacts much sharper than the day. In “working hours” many

get food and do not participate in the protection of the nest.

The bees become angry and when dismantling the nest in cloudy, windy or rainy weather. They become particularly irritable in a time-free period, when in nature there is neither nectar nor pollen, and when persistent bees try to penetrate bees.

Any, even the most insignificant, interference in the nest of the family is painful. The rhythm of all work is lost: bees-nurses interrupt the feeding of larvae, groups of bee-builders break up, the uterus ceases to lay eggs for a while, the activity of feed diggers decreases, the protection of the tap is weakened. Such a state can be short if the nest is exposed partially and for a short time. The next day the bees behave normally. But when for the sake of simple curiosity the examination is delayed, their malice persists for several days. Such pissed bees, as beekeepers say, do not take a smoke.

With proper care, bees, even angry, behave calmly, sting rarely, working with them is pleasant. In conclusion, I want to say: bites are afraid – do not drive bees.

The public apiary.

Friendship with a good large apiary can be of great benefit to a beginner beekeeper. It is better to visit it in the spring, when the families grow, during the swarming, migrating, pumping out the honey.

On the big apiary a lot of interesting and instructive. Even accommodation of hives is paired, solitary, in rows, in checkerboard order. It is necessary to find out why such a method of arrangement has been adopted. And what sort of a bee breed is bred and what is the reason for this?

Beekeepers of a large apiary or farm usually willingly share their experience of care for bees, talk about observations, instructive cases.

Try to help beekeepers when they perform the most important and laborious work – expand the nests with frames and cases, prepare the bees for transportation to honey. It is important to perform all the necessary operations by yourself. When moving, for example, to put nomadic nets, to fasten the hives, to close all the tapes in the evening, to load the cars into the body, to tie the carts well.

When pumping honey, try to learn how to print out the honeycomb with an ordinary, steam and electric knife, master the technology of pumping honey on electric honey. All these works are carried out under the supervision of the beekeeper.

And in the summer holidays you need to keep in touch with the apiary. Summer is the most stressful time in beekeeping, and you can not miss it.

Try to get acquainted with all the technical means that are used in the apiary. This will help you in independent work on the school apiary.

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Smoke makes the bees obedient