Pollination by bees of cucumbers in the greenhouse

Pollination by bees of cucumbers in the greenhouse

In winter, in the central regions of the country, because of the insufficient intensity of solar radiation and the short duration of the day, it is impossible to grow cucumbers in greenhouses. At this time, only artificial crops such as onion, beet, celery, parsley, parsnip and some others can be grown without artificial lighting.

To obtain the harvest of cucumbers in winter, they use pre-lighting of plants with electric lamps

The following requirements are imposed on the sources of additional irradiation of cucumbers: they should be economical, take up little space, if possible do not interfere with the care of plants, do not obscure them, meet safety requirements. It is important that the lamps have a spectral composition of radiation close to the solar one, which is more conducive to physiological processes in plants. Lamps should not emit a lot of heat, overheating the plants, which leads to premature flowering and fruit bearing of plants with a decrease in yield.

These requirements are met by xenon and metal halide lamps. They significantly increase the yield in the early terms of its impact.

Each lamp is capable of irradiating plants on an area from 1-2 to 15-20 m2 with a total illumination of plants of not less than 8-10 thousand lux.

It would seem that a powerful light source will attract bees to them and cause their death, but bees do not react to it in any way. This makes it possible to carry out pre-lighting of the culture in the daytime simultaneously with the summer bees. And yet it should be done at a strictly certain time: light should be turned off only during the day, but at such a time that the bees flying in the greenhouse can return to the hive in advance in natural light.

In the absence of xenon and metal halide lamps in rooms without natural light (in mines, in basements, and in winter – in greenhouses of the Arctic Circle), luminescent lamps are used. Suspend them horizontally.

In order to avoid the death of bees on the lamps, the luminescent lighting is carried out in a non-flying time for bees from 18:00 to 6:00 in the morning. At this time, the beacons in the hives are closed.

The cost of harvesting cucumbers grown at pre-illumination is still high, so the light culture of cucumbers and other vegetable plants is not widespread.

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Pollination by bees of cucumbers in the greenhouse