Hothouse beekeeping

Storage of forage stocks of bees

Prepared for bees, peregu, pollen or pollen, it is important to be able to save, so that this perishable product may have lost its fodder quality. To do this, it is necessary that the storage

Selection and pumping of honey

In case of inadequate provision of bee colonies with honeycombs, the honey is pumped out as the frames are filled with honey and the zabrus (honey prints) appears in the upper part of the frames.

Feeding honey bees

Top-dressing honey bees is widely used in the spring-autumn season. At this time, from the nests are removed extra, subject to the culling of the frame. They are printed out and in the evening they

Wax Sushi Storage

An important condition for the development of bee colonies, preservation of their health and saturated pollination of greenhouse crops is the provision of bee families with honeycomb (wax drying). In large beekeeping farms, the sushi

Training bees

The basis for the “training” of bees is the teaching of IP Pavlov on the influence of the food stimulus on the physiological reactions of animals, that is, on the creation of a corresponding conditioned

Improving the food base for bees

The break in honey collects negatively affects the development of bee colonies and their general physiological state. The honey reserve of the area is distributed according to the flowering time of the honey plants: in

Autumn revision of bees and replenishment of feed stocks

After the end of the main honey-gathering for some time, a small amount of nectar and pollen continues to enter the hive. This time, when you can inspect the nest, without fearing bee robbery, it

Accommodation of hives in a greenhouse

As the long experience of using bees in greenhouses shows, it is very important to choose the right place for placing the hive. The best place to house a hive in a greenhouse of any

Replanting and replacement of queens

To bee families were strong, productive and less swarmed, on advanced apiaries it is customary to change up to half of the queens annually. They change not only the old queens, but also the queens

Assembling the nests for the winter

In natural conditions in hollows and caves, bees build honeycombs and have fodder reserves so that in winter they are easily accessible to them. The frame hive makes it difficult for bees to migrate from

Control hive in the apiary

The control is called the family, which for a certain time is weighed in order to control the intake and consumption of feed in the hive. Usually a strong family with a young uterus less

Theft and attack of bees

In a time-free period, especially with a sudden cessation of honey collection, old bees, worried about the need to replenish fodder reserves, wind around the storehouse where they store food for them, and at the

Withdrawal of queens

In farms that have strong bee colonies, early supporting honey harvest and late main bribes, which allow obtaining more marketable honey, they practice early withdrawal of queens. Since there will be no drones in early

Feeding bees with protein substances

The natural, natural protein food for bees is pollen and perg. In greenhouses, bee colonies often lack protein food. In the literature there are many recipes for feeding bees to liquid and condensed honey –

Enrichment of sugar syrup with protein and other substances

When feeding bees turn sugar syrup into sugar honey. In the content of simple sugars, it is similar to honey. Bees usually have a good winter on it, but because of the extremely low content