Pollen and Perga

Collecting pollen by bees

Dust collector from a milk package. In the individual sector, more than 1.6 million bee colonies. Next to honey and wax, a valuable product for an amateur is flower pollen. For nutritional value it can

How to use pollen

Pollen in the form of grains is indigestible, since human gastric juice can not destroy the outer membrane (film) – the ectium, which surrounds each grain. The components of the pollen grains can be extracted

Pollen in folk medicine

Atherosclerosis, adynamic disorders of a neurasthenic nature. Use pollen for a month for 1 teaspoon twice a day before meals. This course of treatment stimulates the body in cases of early aging and old age

Collection of nectar and pollen

Bees collect nectar and flower pollen from the flowers of plants. Nectar is distinguished by special glands of plants – nectaries. After processing with a bee, it becomes honey. Bees can collect other sweet substances.

Use of pollen by bees

From the bees’ updates, a stock of food is formed – pergu, which after compaction and processing in the cubicles of honeycombs is a dough-like mass. Perga can be kept for a long time and

Pollen in folk medicine

Two famous scientists informed the French Academy that clinical observations showed a positive therapeutic effect from the use of flower pollen in the treatment of sick children with anemia (anemia); due to the pollen, the

Pollen and Perga

Flower pollen has recently enjoyed such a huge success that its value can be placed close to honey. On a clear summer day, standing not far from the hive hive, one can observe how bees

Collection of pollen collectors

Depending on the design, the pollen collectors are placed either from the outside before the tap, or inside the hive on the way to return the bees to the nest. To get into your hive,

Curative recipes with pollen

The French scientist Allen Cayas recommends several recipes of medicinal preparations with flower pollen, which are entirely available for cooking at home. Recipe 1 Dilute in water (800 g) 50 g of pollen and 180

What is different from pollen pollen

Already one thing that perg is considered as bee bread, sufficiently characterizes its importance for the life of a bee family. The bee with the pollen, after passing the guard guard and entering the inter-frame