Making a hive “Boa&quot

Making a hive Boa"

The lining of the hive lid should be made of boards, whose height is 8 cm, and the width is 2 cm.

In addition, such a lid should have an air cushion, the thickness of which is 3 cm, which should be made of plywood or plate. The weight of the lid is 2 kg. The combined bottom should have a strap made of 11 cm high bars. The side bars should have a thickness of 2 cm, and the front and rear bars should be 3 cm. The rear bar and plywood bottom can be extended. In the front bar of the strapping is made a leaflet, which has a length of 33.5 cm. A movable insert must be inserted through the tray. It can be manufactured to be made from plywood, mesh or from mesh and plywood at the same time.

The insert moves in the grooves, which are cut in the side bars. If a net or combined insert is used, then during the wintering period the plywood bottom can be removed. The bottom weight is 2.5 kg. The feeder is installed between the pull-out bottom and the liner. Connections of all hive nodes must be rebated.

The hive must consist of a dozen hulls, a combined lid and a bottom. Such a hive does not provide for its warming, such as cushions for insulation, paving stones, planks. During the period of honey gathering, the height of such a hive is about 1.5 meters, because in the summer period, periodic selection of buildings is carried out.

The bee nest in such a hive is strongly compressed by the side walls of the hull and by the slats of the frames. This is necessary in order for the family to master frames throughout the winter, and the club of bees blocked the section of the hive.

This allows the bee family to maintain the gas and thermal regime not only in winter but also in summer.

Hive Casing

Due to the fact that in the spring colds often return, in our climate it is impossible to make connections in a hive without a rebated connection. The frames in the body are suspended on the rebate. Depth of folds should be 1.5 cm. This depth is necessary in order to reduce the death of bees when installing the body.

The hive must have a mezhkopusnoe space, which is 19 mm. It allows you to move through the streets of the hive in winter in order to contact the uterus. In summer, this space allows bees to get into cells to serve them.

Therefore, it is possible to reduce the distance between the frames and make it up to 3.4 cm. Thus, the bees can not settle the queen cells and the tartar brood. As a result, the weight of the body together with the frames will be about 3 kg. With honey, the weight will increase to 12 kg.

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Making a hive “Boa&quot