How to protect honeycombs from wax moths

How to protect honeycombs from wax moths

In winter, all honeycomb frames are placed in a warm room with a temperature of 20-24 њ C, I clean the bars of wax. At the same time, I partially destroy the eggs of the wax moth. After two or three days I take the frame from the room to the street, when the temperature drops to -16 …- 18 њ у. A sharp change in temperature contributes to the death of moth eggs. In a day I return the honeycomb to the shed.

In the summer, the cellular frames are stored in separate boxes, 10-12 pieces each. Inner walls of the box are pasted in two layers with newsprint. At the bottom I put wormwood and common oregano. The box is covered with a lid, also pasted with a newspaper. Every 10-12 days I check all the frames. If I find on any of them cells, tightened with a small cobweb, then I clean them with a wooden bead, smeared with honey. Its end corresponds to the diameter of the cell. So I check all the frames in spring and

summer two or three times a month. I store boxes in the barn.

My beekeeping experience is 49 years. I kept honeycomb in every way. I kept them in the attic in the buildings and closed them with nothing. Mole in the combs did not start. The last 19 years I keep them in the garage. To do this, made boxes 45 cm wide by 100 frames. Boxes put on the “pop”, and the frame I put horizontally. With such storage, my mobile farm does not suffer from moths.

When I take the honeycomb from the vault, I put them in the hive on the same day. I reclaim the honey, dry it and immediately put it back in the vault. If you leave the honeycomb for two or three days under a canopy, moths can not be avoided.

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How to protect honeycombs from wax moths