Storage of frames and fight with moths

Save cells

At the apiary at the end of the productive season, a significant number of nesting and shopping honeycombs free from use in families are collected. After collecting the nests for wintering, it is advisable to

The fight against the wax moth in the soviet storage

To not then fight the wax moth, it is necessary not to create conditions for its development. To a large extent, its appearance contributes to moisture and lack of ventilation. At me frames at any

How to protect honeycombs from wax moths

In winter, all honeycomb frames are placed in a warm room with a temperature of 20-24 њ C, I clean the bars of wax. At the same time, I partially destroy the eggs of the

Cell storage problems

I solved this problem in the following way: from the wooden racks I made a skeleton for the sotohranilischa and cast it on the outside with iron. The storage consists of three sections of 500X450X1600

Combating wax moths by popular methods

Salt The wax moth, if not taken, can destroy the entire cellular stock. So, after you have pumped out the honey and released a significant number of honeycombs, dry them. Take a conventional sprayer OPS-5,

Wax moth how to fight it

Wax moths (large and small) are dangerous pests of bees. With a severe defeat of the bee nests, the development of families is delayed, the brood death is noted. Moth cells and wax raw materials