Honey Cindy

Honey Cindy

Working bees are females, but in the process of development these insects lost their ability to reproduce. They ceased to operate the reproductive system, although in the distant past, like all females, they laid eggs, raised their descendants, continued the genus. Now on working bees lie literally all the responsibilities for servicing the bee family. In the course of evolution, the internal and external organs of worker bees changed and improved in the direction of increasing workload and brought to near the limit of the possible nature. In particular, the honey beet has much more to do with the worker’s bee, into which it sucks nectar.

This tank holds as much nectar as the insect itself weighs. This contributes to the structure of the abdomen – a very moving part of the body. The abdomen can grow considerably in length and spread out in width. This, by the way, is of great importance for intensive breathing during flight, and for life in winter, when many decay products accumulate in it.

Elongated and proboscis. He turned into a powerful pump, with which the working bee can extract nectar from almost any flower.

The apparatus for collecting pollen was improved. The basket on the back legs of the bee with the notches and large stiff curled hairs are so skilfully arranged that the two huge pollen in them are safely held in flight even in windy weather.

All six legs of a bee are not only a means of transportation, but also important working organs. They collect pollen from flowers, sticky resinous mass – propolis from the buds of trees, builds honeycombs, cleanses the body. All the skillful legs of a bee are excellent working tools. Claws on the legs of the bees are kept in each cluster, arranged on any flower.

In bees, the glands that produce milk are highly developed. Nutritional milk they feed their younger sisters while they are in the larval stage.


bee can lift a cargo twice as large as its mass, and fly with it. In particular, without difficulty, it takes off with a dead bee or killed osoya and carries them far from its home, in a horizontal square can drag a corpse of a drones or another load even 20 times heavier than itself.

The honey bee is purgatory. Sitting on the arm or clothes for a minute, just relax, and then immediately begins to wash, brush.

Honey Cindy

He carefully wipes his eyes, cleans the antennal antennae, proboscis, scratches his leg with his foot, combs and combs his combs with his combs. Cleaning the body is of great vital importance to the bee. After all, the body of the insect is covered literally with a forest of sensitive hairs and cells, thanks to which the bee quickly discovers the food, catches the weather change, responds to the needs of the family.

Honey Cindy

And they should always be kept in perfect order. That’s why she cares so much about the purity of her veil.

And the houses of bees are clean. Every mote the orderly bees are taken out. Wings-fans sweep the floor, brushing tiny and speck of dust to the tap. In all this, the instinct of self-preservation manifests itself. Due to this reaction, bees warn themselves against possible diseases, get rid of wax moths and tiny insects willingly eating their garbage and quite for bees unsafe and non-harmful.

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Honey Cindy