Wax and its classification

Evaluation of the quality of artificial wax

An artificial wax is a wax sheet with the bases of cells squeezed out on it. When using an artificial honeycomb attached to frames, bees quickly build honeycombs with bee cells. At the same time,

Modern manufacture of honeycomb

Nowadays, the wax is made in factories, because ordinary beekeepers do not have enough skill for its manufacture, without spending excessive wax and damaging the finest engraving on the surface of the rollers. Propolis depleted

Aging of honeycombs

The newly constructed cell of the nest frames has a white or light yellow color. As the number of generations of larvae grows in cells in cells, the cells gradually grow old. Its color becomes

Types of Cellular Cells

The bulk of the cells of the usual nesting honeycomb make up the bee cells. They have a hexagonal shape and serve to educate the larvae of working bees, as well as the folding of

Framing frames of artificial wax

Equipment: frames, combined rollers with a spur, planks, punch or an awl, electric plates, metal bowls with a capacity of 2 … 3 liters, hammers, pliers, knives. Materials: artificial wax, tinned wire, small nails. Methodical