Beehive on the scales

Beehive on the scales

To control the course of the honey, one hive must be put on the scale. Daily weighing of this control hive will show how much its weight was added or, conversely, how much honey the bees brought in a day or ate it, if because of bad weather they did not fly out of the nest.

According to the control hive, it is possible to determine the beginning of flowering of the most important medonoses, the gradual or sharp increase in nectar secretion and the end of the honey harvest.

The hive on the scales can give a lot of interesting and necessary information about the life of bees and honey vegetation, about the reserve of nectar in a given locality and the so-called lackluster windows – breaks in honey collection due to the lack of flowering honey-plants.

A control hive will tell you what to fill these windows, what honey trees and bushes to plant, what sow the grasses, to create a continuous conveyor belt in blossoming and supplying bees with food.

Observations and records should be kept regularly at the end of each day, when the bees return home, and regardless of weather.

In the pawn diary indicate the date of weighing, the mass of the hive. By the difference in mass on a given day and the previous one, determine the profit or loss that is entered in the columns under the signs “+” or “-“. If in the spring the weight of the control hive was added to the day by 0.5-1 kg, then it is considered that the honey is medium, and above is good. In summer, in the midst of the flowering of linden – an excellent medon, the mass of the hive can increase by 10-15 kg, or even more.

To place such a huge amount of honey, bees need to have many honeycombs. Hives are put extra stores with honeycombs. Thanks to the control hive, not a single day of honey collection is lost.

In the diary, record the state of the weather, what are the main honey plants are blooming, what are the years of bees.

To the balance and the hive did not get wet during the rains and the mass did not change from this, they are installed in a special booth or a canopy over them. A neatly made and painted booth gives the apiary extra beauty. In the field, however, it is not always possible to do this.

The control beehive is used by beekeepers and large farms, even take it with them to the field or the forest, where the bees are taken to the honey collection.

Without a control hive, the work goes blindly, the beekeeper allows a lot of miscalculations, can not correctly assess the situation, so he loses a lot of honey. According to long-term data obtained with the help of a control hive, it is possible to accurately predict the honey harvest for a whole year ahead.

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Beehive on the scales