Currently, almost all bee colonies of Ukrainian apiaries are kept in so-called frame hives. In these hives each honeycomb is enclosed in a rectangular wooden frame, which can be freely removed and inserted back into

From hollow to tall hive

When a person started to raise bees, he began to make dwellings for them, like natural ones. At first they were hollow pieces of wood, and in treeless places – braided from brushwood, straw, cane

The device of hives and their classification

Requirements for the hives. The beehive is the home of bees, an artificially created man, so it must most fully satisfy the biological characteristics of the bee family and at the same time be strong

Ukrainian hive

First a bit of history. With the introduction of PI Prokopovich (1814), and then L. Langstroth (1851) and L. Berleps (1852) into the practice of apiculture in beekeeping, the efforts of researchers and beekeepers-practitioners were

Hives in the hibernate

You can carry bees for winter. These winterers are either especially suited, or accommodate empty buildings. Some large beekeeping farms use subterranean and semi-underground zymovniki. Beekeepers-lovers, especially in places with severe winter, often put beehives

Making a hive “Boa&quot

The lining of the hive lid should be made of boards, whose height is 8 cm, and the width is 2 cm. In addition, such a lid should have an air cushion, the thickness of