Far Eastern bee breed

Some beekeepers do not consider them a separate breed, but refer to the intra-breed type, which was formed as a result of crossing in the natural environment of the Central Russian and Ukrainian gray bees

Single bees

Many will be surprised that the formation of a family in a bee family is by no means the rule, but rather an exception. We know many thousands of species of bees, who spend their

Dark forest bees

In our country there are bees of several breeds, of which the most common are Central Russian forest. They dwell in the Northwest, Belorussia, the central regions of the country, the Urals, Siberia, the Far

Gray mountain Caucasian bees

In the mountains, valleys and forests of the Caucasus, Caucasian bees live in a wild state. They are bred mainly in the southern regions of the country. The bees are light gray, silvery. They are

Bezalaceous bees of melipon

Bees that do not sting? Yes, there are such! They exist even a few hundred species, but not with us. They live in the tropics of the Old and New Worlds. There were attempts to

Giant Bee

The giant bee surpasses even the hornet in size, and its bites are especially terrible. It is not surprising that a person does not take it to their apiaries. Buildings of this bee consist of

Dwarf bee

A dwarf bee also builds one – a single honeycomb somewhat larger than half a palm on a branch of a rare bush, right under the open sky. The top part of the honeycomb covers

Masonry bees

But, perhaps, the most amazing nests are arranged by a bee – a mason. She looks for an empty shell for each egg, brings her fodder dough to the depths for the larva and lays


Now let’s talk about bumblebees, insects, which completely completed the transition to a social lifestyle. Bumblebee State. Despite its awkward appearance, bumblebees along the external and internal structure have so much in common with bees