Vegetable juices with honey

Vegetable juices with honey

Bulb juice.

Applied as an anti-influenza, expectorant, diuretic, laxative, protigemoroynoe remedy. It helps to preserve the teeth, increases appetite, improves digestion, stimulates the production of sperm, enhances vision, and promotes the removal of sand in case of urolithiasis. It is recommended to drink onion juice with a cold, slimming, headache, furunculosis, to strengthen the hair.

Use with honey: on a tablespoon with the same amount of honey three times a day.

Juice from garlic.

The phytoncides of garlic inhibit the activity of certain tumor enzymes, which results in a sharp decrease in their ability to develop. It is possible to use phytoncids of garlic in a diet during the treatment of cancer and peredrakovyh diseases (with tumor processes).

The juice from garlic is very concentrated. To use it it is necessary to drop in a mixture with other juices, on milk, with honey for taste.

Juice from the horse-radish.

Fresh horseradish juice is usually added to other juices. It is very useful to use it on an empty stomach in half with honey for 1 h before breakfast. To do this, rub horseradish (1 teaspoon), squeeze the juice, brew it in half with honey and drink this mixture. Thus, cardiovascular diseases are treated – angina and coronary heart disease.

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Vegetable juices with honey