Steaming bees

Steaming bees

Steaming bees – their quick death from high temperature and humidity, which appears as a result of a strong excitation of bees in poorly ventilated hives.

Causes of the disease. Bees are fanned when the beehives are not properly ventilated in hives with a closed flare, which is observed during transportation of bees, when they are insulated during processing of plants in the vicinity of the apiary by insecticides, as well as when the swarm is kept in a close and poorly ventilated village and when bees are sent in packets by mail.

Symptoms of the disease. At first, there is a strong noise of bees coming to a state of excitement; The grated net is densely filled with bees; later the noise is reduced, calms down, when you put your hand to the ceiling canvas, there is a strong heat release; honey from the bottom of the hive. When examining the family, a lot of heat and moisture are released from the nest; honeycombs are broken; bees dense mass lie on the bottom of the hive; a small part of the bees are creeping.

The diagnosis is based on the examination of the bees and the condition of the nest. The bees are black, wet, some of them are covered with honey; The wings are stuck to the abdomen; Cells with honey and brood are broken.

Prevention. When transporting, transporting and temporarily isolating bee colonies honeycomb with honey is removed, leaving limited stocks of honey, mostly printed; bees provide a free additional space; To eliminate excitement, the ventilation holes are protected from penetration of light.

Control measures. The nest of the family in which the conditions of steaming have arisen, they open quickly, give the bees a free flight; tattered honeycombs are removed; The bottom of the hive is cleaned of honey and dead bees.

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Steaming bees