Portable hive for poison treatment

Portable hive for poison treatment Portable hive for poison treatment

Received in the apiary several dozen bees can live in a conventional box for no more than one day. This, of course, prevents many patients from properly treated, because they have to go to the apiary every day or every other day for bees. Therefore, some patients establish a small beehive with bees at home in the attic or on the balcony.

By the type of an ordinary beehive we constructed a portable single horn beehive, but with some changes and improvements that make it possible to use it at any time of the year. It is made in the form of a portable suitcase, and it is convenient to use it for medical purposes and even take it with you when traveling.

The hive is equipped with a feeder, which is filled with sweet syrup. To do this, the feeder is put forward for 2-3 cm and a syrup is poured into the reservoir through the funnel, which is evenly distributed through the lattice wall of the tank to the long feeder. The lattice wall does not allow bees to enter the reservoir.

The device feeder allows you to feed bees with honey or artificial nectar at a time of year when honey plants no longer bloom. In order for the bees to work on flowers, the hive can be placed in the forest, field, or garden, but in this case it is necessary to close the tray late at night. If you close it earlier and carry the hive, the bees will not be able to get into your house. The beehive can be installed on the windowsill with a tap on the street or in the garden and use bees for medicinal purposes.

If there is no possibility to hold a hive, it is advisable to use a special portable box; in it bees can live up to 10 days. The box can accommodate up to 100 bees; here it is warm, enough air and food (honey or artificial nectar). The box is equipped with two retractable feeders; they are convenient in that they can be filled with honey, without opening the box and, therefore, without disturbing the bees. If you want to catch a bee, open the side door, the bee immediately creeps out, and it is taken with special tweezers.

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Portable hive for poison treatment