How to arrange the hives in the greenhouse

How to arrange the hives in the greenhouse

In modern varieties and hybrids of cucumbers, unlike the famous in the past, the Klin variety, the first flowers blossom. In the central regions of the country; The first cucumber flowers appear in the 2nd decade of January. At this time, natural light is not enough for plants, they are physiologically depressed and nectar is not isolated. The bees could attract the pollen of the male flowers, they appear much later. In this case, a properly selected pollinator is of great importance. Male flowers on it should bloom simultaneously with the female flowers of the main culture.

With sufficient reserves of Perga, the bees are put into the greenhouses a few days after the cucumber is planted in the soil. At this time in many families there is no brood, but the flight made by the bees will cause the immediate appearance of the brood, and the bees will enter the active state. When the first flowers appear, the bees will begin to visit them, and if there is a disadvantage in the hive, the family has time to help. If the farm has little pergi, then you have to save it. In this case, bee colonies are brought into the greenhouses a few days before the beginning of the flowering of cucumbers. For an emergency, you need to have 1-2 spare families to replace those unfit for the pollinating service.

Since a visit to the winter hut causes concern for the bees, a certain number of families for a few greenhouses are simultaneously taken in such a way that the nearest visit to the winter hut is not earlier than a week.

Before taking a family from a winter hunter, the bees in the hives are listened to and closed off. The hives are taken from the shelves and carefully transferred to a stretcher, without jolts or shocks. The beehive is put back in flames so that the one walking behind can notice the creeping bees in a timely manner. You must not go in step, otherwise the hive will swing.

In the

greenhouses it is desirable to exhibit families with young uterus. The probability of swarming in such a family with a timely expansion of the nest will be the least and care for the replacement of the old uterus will disappear.

The farms usually have bee colonies, for the safety of which the beekeeper is worried, more often these are weak families. They must first be put in the greenhouses. If they can not develop independently, then they are reinforced by strong bee colonies.

By the summer of the bees in the greenhouses of the hangar type, it is impossible to determine the strength of the family. For flowers, regardless of the power of the family, so many bees fly to ensure complete collection of nectar and pollen. Consequently, with insufficient supplies of protein feed, families with fewer bees should be put into hothouses.

If in the economy there are bees of southern breeds and their crossbreeds, they too are immediately exposed to greenhouses. They will actively work and develop.

The time of the exhibition of bees is of great importance. Preference should be given to a dull day. The bees will fly out quietly and fight less against the glass. On a sunny day, the bees are better placed in the greenhouse by the end of the day, some bees will calmly fall in the evening, others – the next day. If the bees are put into a greenhouse on a sunny day, they will storm out of the hive, fight and accumulate near the southern end glass. If by the end of the day not all of them return to the hive, they must be collected. To do this, the bees are placed in the places where the bees gather together with the land. Gathered on the bees shake: in the nest or on the board of the hive.

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How to arrange the hives in the greenhouse