Flavored starch against ticks

Flavored starch against ticks

Any novelty in our beekeeping business is of great interest to readers. So, my articles on the use of flavored starch when processing bees, came more than a thousand letters. When I looked through the mail, I selected the most frequently asked questions, and I will try to answer them.

Before processing on many bees, mites were visible. At the end of the treatment they were gone. However, only single individuals were in the pallet. Where the others disappeared!

The mites, getting with starch in a mesh pallet, continue to flounder in it. Gradually they turn into formless white lumps, which are invisible on the starch layer. So do not try to count the number of fallen ticks. It is much more important for us to know how many live mites are left on bees (in terms of 100 bees) after any antivariate treatment. The calculation technique was described in the journal.

After processing, it turned out that in several families ticks on bees survived, and in the rest were destroyed. What is the reason!

The reason is the carelessness of the beekeeper. In the spring, getting ready for processing, the beekeeper probably did not clear the upper bars of the frames from the waxen outgrowths and the bridges. Under them, mites can hide.

Is it possible to conduct the treatment of families not every day (for 14 days), but in three days!

After all, young mites, leaving the brood, become capable of reproduction only after three days.

Let’s say we will process bees in three days. Many mites will die, but some of them on the day of treatment can sit in empty cells or travel outside the hive on bees, and subsequent processing will not affect them – they will go into brood. With a daily treatment, the probability of getting starch on ticks is very high.

Why you need to aromatize starch! Can I replace potato starch with corn or rice?

The usual starch acts only trouble-free on moving ticks. If the parasite is firmly attached to the body of the bee, the treatment will not be effective. Flavored starch causes ticks to move.

Replace potato starch with corn or rice do not advise. On my experience I was convinced that these species do not aromatize well and have less effect.

Will brood not suffer in the spring from low temperatures, if we daily for 14 days will handle families with flavored starch (in any weather).

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Flavored starch against ticks