Honey cocktail “gogol-mogol&quot

Honey cocktail gogol mogol"

Egg whisk in a thick mass, adding salt to taste. In the cold milk injected egg whipped, honey, pour cognac and orange juice. The cocktail is poured into tapered glasses. Drink through a straw. Three to four servings are required: egg-1, milk-2 cups, honey-6 tablespoons, orange juice-100 g, cognac-60 g.

Recipe 2

Orange-honey gogol-mogol.

Egg, cold milk, natural honey, orange juice beat in a microscope so that a homogeneous mass comes out.

Serve chilled.

2 tablespoons of orange juice, 4 tablespoons of honey, egg, 2 glasses of cold pasteurized milk.

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Honey cocktail “gogol-mogol&quot