Bicarbonate content of bees

When using this method, honey production is increased by one and a half times. This article talks about the bicarbonate content of bees. Ways of bipelatching are described. When the disease of bees varroatosis, for

Feeding of a bee family

Among animals, as well as among people, there are sophisticated gourmands. But people have ample opportunities to satisfy their whims, whereas in animals nature has more strictly defined to each species what it can eat

Growing period of bees

In August, the apiary reduces the strength (the number of worker bees) of bee colonies. At present, almost all over Ukraine, the main honey crop is coming to an end. During 2 – 3 days

How alarms work in bees

In the warm season, in good weather, even in a time-free period, throughout the day a small part of the flying bees of the family is always in flight in search of sources of bribes:

Early flight of bees

In spring, the main event in the apiary is the flight of bees, with which the entire work of beekeepers is connected. The apiary, which wintered in the room, is exposed to the points cleared

Catching stray swarms

A large number of people are engaged in catching stray swarms. With this method, you can significantly expand your apiary. To catch is necessary to make traps, the structure of which can be very different,

Family of bees

A nature lover has two possibilities to start acquaintance with bees: walking on a warm spring or summer day through a flowering garden or a fragrant meadow, he will see bees energetically working on flowers;

Distribution of work in the bee hive

We have already said that in the bee family there is a distribution of work. Some care for cleanliness, others look after the brood, build honeycombs or get food. Some researchers try to draw an

Settled in a swarm of swarms

To catch a swarm is half the battle. Where it is more difficult to remove it neatly and deliver it to the apiary. About how to remove a trap from the tree (this is a

Ventilation of the socket

The main conditions of life of bees are air, water, food and heat. The need for air in bees is great. A huge amount of bee brood requires a rapid change in the exhaust air.